Change Your Craving & Eating Habits By Changing How You Think

Change Your Craving & Eating Habits By Changing How You Think

Ask anyone that which foods that they are tempted to eat and, most likely they wouldn’t be ones that are very healthy. I bet they would be ice cream, potato chips, pizza, or something along those lines. In fact, in your mind right now as you’re reading, you are probably thinking about a food that isn’t healthy.

Well, aren’t you? Stop for a moment and think about it……………….. The point I’m going to make in this article is that you can change what you crave by changing how you think.

Every person who want to lose weight has a “craving problem.” But I don’t see it as a problem at all. I see it as a solution. Cravings are over-rated. They are Hodge-podge and we don’t have to be controlled by them. We don’t have to feel temped by ice cream, cookies or 20-ounce prime ribs. Instead, we can be tempted by watermelon, pineapple, oranges or apples; foods like that. Think that sounds crazy? Well it isn’t and you’ll see why.

When I first sit down and talk with a client about their eating habits, I gather everything I need to know about exactly what they eat and how they eat. The culprit to their weight problem always boils down to snacking, picking, eating foods that are unhealthy or just plain over-eating. Then I’ll ask them what fruits and vegetables they like. I’m yet to come across someone who hates fruit or hates every vegetable under the sun. Finally I’ll ask them how often they eat fruits or vegetables and it’s always a lot less often than the unhealthy stuff.

After I’ve gathered my arsenal of information, we do our thing. I’ll have my clients lay back in my recliner and close their eyes. I’ll direct their mind to a peaceful place, and within minutes they’ll be relaxed like never before. Then I start talking about their favorite fruits and vegetables. I’ll ask them to imagine taking a bite of their favorite juicy, ripe fruit and to feel the juices tickling their taste buds. I’ll say to their mind, “from now on anytime you have a craving for food, you will think of a juicy, ripe piece of fruit. And bingo!!! Next thing you know these are exactly the kinds of foods they start desiring. Why? Because anytime you close your eyes and bring yourself to a calm, relaxed place, your subconscious mind emerges, and it is this part of the mind that controls what you crave. Change your thoughts and you’ll change what you crave. Simple.

Let’s look at this from another perspective. Let’s say pineapple is your favorite fruit. Now, if you were sitting with me right now and I gave you a juicy chunk of it, you would enjoy it thoroughly. And you’d want more, right? Of course. Now, let’s say I reached into my refrigerator, whipped-out a piece of chocolate cake and said, “choose one.” Most likely you would opt for the pineapple because you just had a teaser-piece, which would make your mind want more. The fact of the matter is this: you enjoy your favorite fruits just as much as you enjoy your favorite junk foods, you just believe otherwise.

Again, cravings are over-rated. The mere mention of that devilish word always seems to conjures-up images of high calorie, high fat foods only because these are the foods you are most exposed to in our media driven world. Your subconscious gets accustomed to this and just doesn’t know any better. Change your minds images and you’ll change your cravings. Here’s a quick 5 minute mental exercise you can begin doing now to help you start changing the way you crave food.

Step 1: Find a comfortable, quiet place where there are no distractions. Begin breathing deeply until you are quite relaxed. Next, count backwards from 10-1, slowly. With each count, imagine that your mind is drifting deeper and deeper.

Step 2: After you have finished counting, imagine that you are relaxing by yourself in your favorite place. A secluded beach or a log in the woods will do the trick. Imagine yourself feeling so very relaxed and peaceful.

Step 3: Next, imagine a basket full of your favorite fresh picked fruit sitting right next to you. See it clearly in your mind, the color, the feel, everything about that fruit. Imagine taking a bite of that juicy fruit and enjoying it like never before.

Step 4: Repeat the following suggestion to yourself 10 times: “From now on, anytime I think of eating, I immediately feel a craving for fruit.”

Step 5: Count from 1 to 5, slowly, and when you reach 5 open your eyes.

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Advanced Genetics GP3 Powder – 6 Details About This Product You Should Know

Advanced Genetics GP3 Powder is what you need to improve the results of your training and workout. Spending a lot of time doing your physical fitness activities is usually not enough in getting the hard and thick muscles you want. More often than not, you need supplements like Advanced Genetics GP3 Powder to support muscle building process. Here are the things you need to know about this supplement:

It offers the benefits of creatine, BCAAs and glutamine. This is a powerhouse combination when it comes to faster muscle growth. These are exactly the amino acids and nutrients that you need to ensure that your body will fuel your muscles. Creatine is responsible for increasing ATP levels in your system. ATP is the one that distributes energy to the cells. BCAAs are the amino acids that virtually fuel the muscles while glutamine prevents the breakdown of existing lean muscle tissues.

It can shorten the time it will take for your body to recover. Every active individual must look for a supplement that can aid them in their recovery. When doing various kinds of physical fitness activities, damages happen to the body. Pain and muscle soreness are indicative of damages. You need this supplement if you want to improve bodily recovery.

It has also shown benefits in reducing weight. It is not exactly a weight loss treatment but since it has a positive effect in keeping and producing lean muscle tissues, fats will be removed out of your system. That being said, it can aid in weight loss and support the rapid development of muscles.

It is a pre and a post workout supplement. It should be taken 30 minutes before working out and immediately after training. Mix one scoop with water and take this before training. Also take this immediately after working out to replenish your body and allow faster recovery.

It should be taken in the morning and in the afternoon when you are not training. You should still maximize your body’s full potential especially in speeding up muscle growth even if you are not training. To do that, you need the help of this supplement. Mix half a scoop of this and mix in with water. Drink it first thing in the morning. Mix the same amount again and take this in mid-afternoon.

It is a supplement that can get rid of chronic fatigue and low energy levels. Because of its positive effects in fueling your body, it can give you the energy boost you want. It also allows you to workout longer and better.

Advanced Genetics GP3 Powder should be a staple in the regimen of every active individual. With its creatine, BCAAs and glutamine content, it can improve your systemic functions. It is also a supplement that supports body recovery. This might also aid your body in losing weight. Use this before and after training for best results. You can also take this during your rest days in order to support muscle growth. For an infallible source of energy, take Advanced Genetics GP3 Powder.

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Advanced Genetics F-10 – How Will You Improve From This Product?

Advanced Genetics F-10 supplement provides a lot of health benefits especially when it comes to losing weight. If you are an athlete or a body builder trying to grow harder and thicker muscles but without the obstruction of fat build up, this should be a wonderful supplement to try. Get to know the benefits of Advanced Genetics F-10 more and how this supplement is a great option for workout enthusiasts.

This is a supplement that features the benefits of green tea extract. Green tea is a popular weight loss ingredient because of its ability in torching more fats in the system. It actually features a process called thermogenesis. This process allows the body to internally burn fats even when you are not working out. It is also effective in improving fat oxidation. When this happens, fats are quickly converted into energy.

It contains N-Acetyl Tyrosine. This ingredient is an ingredient that can improve the functions of the thyroid gland. This gland is essential for the release of more growth hormones needed for faster and better muscle growth. Aside from its ability to speed up muscle production, this ingredient is also capable of supporting brain functions. It is known for its ability in enhancing mental functions.

This is a supplement that can curtail appetite. It features the essential benefits of a natural ingredient called Raspberry Ketones. This is the ingredient that works in staving off appetite and preventing cravings. It also works as a fat reducer because of its lipolysis benefits.

It can help increase internal body heat. Increasing internal body heat is one way of dissolving those stagnant fats. To do that, you need this supplement loaded with cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper also has natural thermogenesis properties. It is also effective in reducing appetite to promote better eating habits.

It can improve the over-all functions of your body. There may be a lot of fat-reducing supplements out there but not all of them are really effect. That is because the body cannot absorb the nutrients and ingredients in them. You need a supplement loaded with Naringin ingredient that can ensure faster metabolism of the other nutrients.

It promotes faster metabolic rate. The carbohydrates and fats you ingest must not stay for a long time in your system in order to avoid weight gain. Use this supplement loaded with Coleus Forskohlii to increase metabolic rate and promote better thyroid functions.

Advanced Genetics F-10 is a supplement worth trying due to its various benefits to the system. Its green tea extract ensures that infallible fat oxidation process of the system. It is also loaded with N-Acetyl Tyrosine ingredient that can support thyroid gland functions. You can now prevent cravings and excessive eating with the help of this supplement. It also has the ability to increase internal heat to improve fat burning process. With its Naringin content, this supplement can improve your body’s absorption of other nutrients. Now you can boost your metabolic rate with the aid of Advanced Genetics F-10.

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Universal Nutrition Supplements – What You Need To Improve Workout Results

Universal Nutrition has been providing some of the best workout and sports supplements since 1977. Their supplements are better known for their high quality ingredients all sold in affordable prices. If you want to keep up with your body’s workout needs, you might want to try searching for the supplements made by Universal Nutrition.

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts. With this supplement in tow, your body can benefit from over 28 key ingredients integrated in it that work together in increasing energy levels, speeding up fat loss and supporting muscle development. This supplement has also been loaded with an ingredient called Guarana that makes use of its caffeine and theophylline content to stimulate the body. The L-Carnitine in it can improve energy levels. It also has Guggul that can effectively torch unwanted fats in the body.

Universal Nutrition Animal Flex. Protect your joints from wear and tear. Joints often get damaged after intense physical training. You might want to use this and its blend of glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin. It effectively repairs damaged cartilages in the body, supplies your system with sulfur that you need to improve joint functions and replenishes lost lubrication in the joints.

Universal Nutrition Animal M-Stax. Get hard and bulky muscles with the use of this supplement. It supplies BCAAs into your system such as L-Leucine and L-Valine in order to supplement missing amino acids that are needed for faster muscle growth and rapid muscle recovery.

Universal Nutrition Animal Nitro. This supplement also gives you the amino acids that you need to support a healthy anabolic state. This ensures that you have reliable muscle foundation. This is also made up of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine that can support muscle growth, improve anabolic functions and speed up metabolism and repair.

Universal Nutrition Animal Omega. It is time to support your body with essential fatty acids that you will need to sidestep a number of diseases and to optimize your over-all health. This supplement can give you EPA and DHA that will work in lowering down cholesterol levels, reducing blood pressure, preventing fats and cholesterol from building up in your arteries, supporting better blood flow and reducing your chances of getting diseases such as colon cancer, breast cancer, depression, schizophrenia and dementia as you get older.

Universal Nutrition Animal Pax. This supplement is one of their best-sellers. That is thanks to its vitamins and minerals content. It has been loaded with amino acids that you can use to support muscle growth. This also contains essential fatty acids that can improve the functions of your body. This is the supplement that you need to improve the functions of your immune system.

Universal Nutrition is what you should look for if you want to improve your body and if you want to make the results of your workout more satisfactory. Try their Animal Cuts supplement that can increase energy and aid in fat loss. Animal Flex can keep your joints healthy. Animal M-Stax ensures that you will get stronger and harder muscles. Use Animal Nitro to have the amino acids that your muscles need. Try Animal Omega to get your daily needs of essential fatty acids. And to be in top shape all the time, get Animal Pax from Universal.

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Scivation – 6 Workout And Sports Supplements Worth Buying

Scivation supplements are just the supplements you need to improve the results of your diet and training. They understand the needs of many people for effective supplements that can help them workout better or function well during the day. They offer highly-effective ingredients that really work in supporting the functions of the system. Their products have all undergone scientific research and careful development. Here are the Scivation products worth buying.

Scivation Xtend. Our body is not a machine. It needs to recover after an intense workout with the help of this sterling post-workout supplement. This product also promotes rapid weight loss. You can find two important amino acids in here, L-Leucine and L-glutamine, which helps the body in its recovery and repair. You can also benefit from its Vitamin B6 content that provides the body with relentless source of energy.

Scivation Complete Whey. Food for the muscles must be ingested so you can thicken up those muscles. This one supplies the proteins that you need to facilitate muscle growth. It also works in controlling the appetite and improving the functions of the immune system. What this product boasts of is a 2:1 protein to carbs ratio that is just right for your workout needs. It also supplies omega fatty acids.

Scivaton Novem. This pre-workout supplement can supply your body with the muscles and lean mass you have always wanted. It stimulates the nervous system so you can have maximum energy to workout in the gym or do your daily tasks. It has been loaded with beta alanine, L-Taurine, Creatine Monohydrate and CarnoSyn. It also offers vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Scivation Mass Gainer. A myriad of health supplements that promise to support weight gain have been launched in the market. Unfortunately, not all of them stay true to their promises. To our dismay, a lot of them contain cheap protein powder and sugar that only increases fat production. This supplement is a cut above the rest because of its more reliable 50/30/20 ratio that supports the proper intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the body.

Scivation DH32 Pro. Recovery can progress slowly due to the damages incurred by the body during workout. This supplement will help speed up the repair of these damages. It has been loaded with proteins that can support muscle repair as well as muscle growth. It also improves vasodilatation due to its nitric oxide content.

Scivation ShowTime. If you think developing muscles is impossible to achieve in a short time, think again. This has been designed to help active individuals get the body shape they want in a shorter period of time. It gets rid of water that usually stays in the skin tissues and muscles. It prevents bloating so you get hard and well-defined muscles all the time.

Scivation supplements are for serious athletes and bodybuilders. Their Xtend supplement has all the amino acids and natural nutrients you need to improve bodily functions. Complete Whey supplement supplies the whey proteins you need to facilitate rapid muscle growth. Novem is a supplement that can supply the energy you need to workout longer. Mass Gainer gives you lean muscles minus the fats. DH32 is what you need to rapidly facilitate body recovery after working out. And if you want to prevent water retention in the muscles, try ShowTime supplement created by Scivation.

If you’re interested to know more about Scivation products, then you should check out this website on bodybuilding supplements.

Strive Nutrition – Six Top Supplements Worth Buying

Strive Nutrition supplements are known for their efficacy and quality. This Canadian-based company knows how important it is to produce supplements that have under trials and clinical tests. You don’t have to find other health supplements if you can find Strive Nutrition products.

Strive Nutrition Anabolic Drive. If you want better results after working out, you should try this effective workout supplement. What make this different from other products are its step by step benefits. Phase 1-3 makes use of the ingredients caffeine, L-tyrosine and Huperzine that works in promoting better brain functions, improving the growth of HGH and releasing higher energy. Phase 4-7 is the phase that maximizes muscle pump and blood circulation. Try the supplements from Phase 8-11 if you want to have better strength when working out and if you want to facilitate better muscle recovery. Phase 12-13 also ensures that your body will undergo a repair and recovery.

Strive Nutrition Mass Effect Ultra. If you want to have leaner muscles, you should consider opting for this supplement. It is a kind of mass-gaining workout supplement that can effectively supply macronutrients to your body. You will be getting up to 56 grams of high quality proteins. Your body will also get the calories you need to gain more bulk.

Strive Nutrition Pro-ISL Ultra. This is the supplement you need to have leaner muscles. It contains whey proteins that work better in developing muscles compared to other brands. Featured in this product is 100% Cross Flow Micro Filtered Whey Protein Isolate. This makes sure that an anabolic environment is created in your body so you can effective synthesize proteins for a faster production of muscles.

Strive Nutrition Pro Vit 28 Strength And Performance. You should mind your nutritional intake if you want to improve your body’s over-all health. Use this supplement if you want to benefit from its vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids and digestive enzyme complexes. This product has also shown benefits in improving testosterone levels as well as developing muscles.

Strive Nutrition Mass Effect Ultra Sample. It is the same supplement that can improve muscle development. It delivers all the macronutrients you need in order to support lean muscle gain and to improve caloric absorption. But this one comes in sample size so you can test its efficacy out first before buying the bigger size.

Strive Nutrition Pro-ISL Ultra Sample. You can now test the benefits of Pro-ISL and how it can support lean muscle growth with the use of this supplement. It is a smaller-sized product so it does not cost as much as the bigger sizes. If you want to know how exactly it works, check out the sample product first.

Strive Nutrition Supplements are what you need to maximize the effects of your workout. Try using Anabolic Drive supplement if you want to supply your body with the proteins and calories you need to develop muscles. Choose Mass Effect Ultra if you want to have leaner mass. Pro-ISL Ultra ensures that you have lean muscles. Pro Vit 28 Strength and Performance supplement helps augment missing minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants in your system. Make sure you test Mass Effect by getting the sample size first. You can also get a sample size of Pro-ISL distributed by Strive Nutrition.

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PVL – 6 Workout Supplements You Should Try

PVL creates supplements with a lot of research, careful trials and stringent experiments. They see to it that every product they distribute to the market is really of the best quality. Today, health buffs looking for a way to get the muscles they want should consider using top workout supplements that can speed up muscle development. Do not just stick with low-grade supplements and look for top-of-the-line supplements such as PVL.

PVL Iso-Gold. Whey protein isolate can really support muscle growth. This is why whey protein isolate intake is essential for body builders and athletes. This is one of the most ideal protein supplements to take because of the proteins in it that have undergone super cold filtration processing. This process renders the proteins completely intact so you can get the most out of their benefits.

PVL Iso-Gold Extra Natural. This is similar with the other product. The proteins have also undergone cold filtration methods that rendered the proteins in an intact state. However, the natural flavors are also preserved so you are getting a tastier protein supplement. Organic stevia, organic cane juice solids and citrus extract make this supplement delicious.

PVL Pharma Shred. You can speed up fat loss with the help of this supplement. It works in eliminating collected fats in your system. Thanks to its Pro Caliber Fat loss agent that has been proven effective in reducing fats, you can finally lose some weight. It also helps improve muscle hardness. If you want to tone your body, this supplement is a great option.

PVL Watertight. Bloating or water retention is one of the reasons why many athletes and body builders can’t get the ripped and hard look that they want. Bloating can be caused by a number of reasons and one of them is salt intake. This supplement contains an ingredient called Taraxacum Officinale taken from Dandelion that works in removing excess water due to its diuretic properties. It also has green tea extract that can speed up fat loss as well as reduce bloating.

PVL XtraVol. Your body is made up of billions of cells. You need to take care of your cells in order to prevent diseases. Start taking care of your cellular heath today. Use this supplement incorporated with Citrulline Malata to improve nitric oxide production. It also helps improve the recovery of cells.

PVL Deluxe Shaker Cup. This company is not only producing supplements but also shaker cups that work in concocting supplement drinks. You can use this to mix protein powder. It is a cut above the rest due to its portable and easy-to-use design.

PVL has been offering the best and the most effective health and workout supplements for quite sometime now. Check out the benefits of Iso-Gold when it comes to supplying your body with the proteins you need. Iso-Gold Extra Natural is a tastier way of supplementing proteins. Pharma Shred is what you need if you want to get rid of fats. Watertight supplement ensures that you will get thick and hard muscles minus the water. XtraVol can revive your cells. And to mix these products up, you should purchase your very own Shaker Cup from PVL.

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